Fibre Pack - Taupe Dreams

Fibre Pack - Taupe Dreams

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These fibre packs have been carefully and lovingly curated to take the stress away from sourcing and selecting individual fibres and colours! There's enough of each fibre to have a play around and experiment. They're perfect for trying out beautiful, unique fibres that you aren't familiar with and if you don't want to commit to a whole 100g skein.

- 5mm Supersoft Cotton String in 'Latte'
- Recycled Cotton Frizz Ribbon in 'Pumpkin Pie'
- Recycled Sari Silk Embroidered Cord in 'Warm Taupe'
- Organic Cotton Hand Spun Club Yarn in 'Linen Pink'
- 3mm Supersoft Cotton String in 'Antique Peach'
- Recycled Banana-Cotton Mix Yarn in 'Dust'
- Recycled Linen Hand Spun Yarn in 'Blush Taupe'
- 9mm Bobbiny String in 'Beige'
- Velvet Ribbon 1" Width in 'Rose Beige' 


This particular fibre pack can be altered very slightly to be vegan friendly - this would involve switching out the Sari Silk embroidered cord with a vegan friendly option. If you’d like to do this, please contact us via the contact form!

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