12mm Cotton String - Mustard
12mm Cotton String - Mustard

12mm Cotton String - Mustard

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100% cotton string with a 12mm diameter - perfect for chunky macramé, as well as weaving! 1kg is approximately 35m of string. 

As it's a single twist string, the ends brush out with ease, making them perfect for fringing. The string is especially soft, as it has been manufactured to have a higher cotton thread count than your average macramé string!

*Mustard is also available in 5mm and 1.5mm string*

Oeko Tex Certified. Wound onto recycled cardboard reels. 

100% cotton, dyed string with a 9mm diameter - perfect for macramé and weaving!

Available in:
- 5 meters
- 10 meters
- 15 meters
- 35 meters approx. (full 1kg spool, as photographed)

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