Bobbiny 1.5mm 'Terracotta ' Cotton String - 100m

Bobbiny 1.5mm 'Terracotta ' Cotton String - 100m

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This BOBBINY 1.5mm Baby Macramé string is a single twist cotton cord composed of 28 small threads. It is perfect for macramé, weavings and any fiber art. BOBBINY created it with jewellery and other accessories in mind, but it's also perfect as a strong, thick warp string for weaving on frame weaving looms!

It is super soft, smooth, knots beautifully and gives amazing fringes and tassels.

The Bobbiny Baby Macramé string is produced in their small factory in Poland. These 100m spools are approximately 160g in weight.

How it is produced:
1. Old clothes and textile waste are collected and sorted by color.
2. They are cut into consistent smaller pieces and shredded.
3. Selected colors are blended to gain an amazing shades of yarn. The colorblend process allows consistent color matching with no dyes, no water and no chemical products applied!
4. Cotton is spun to achieve the softest and finest yarn.
5. Yarn is twisted into Premium Macramé string <3

The inner cardboard spool is made of recycled paper and biodegradable.

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